Here are some Kid Arctica songs for download. None of the recordings are optimal. It's not easy being a poor musician... Please ask first if you want to do anything to these files. All tracks are courtesy of Kid Arctica.

New recordings:

Gone was written some time ago to a friend of mine who lost her husband, but I never got around to record it. I got a chance when I visited an old friend of mine, and we did a very quick version on a digital 8 track recorder. Unfortunately I sing a bit off pitch and there is a skip in it that got there when transferring the file to a computer. Still, you should get the idea.

Older songs not previously uploaded:

Miss You is my love song. I do not normally write love songs, but this one I wrote for my last boyfriend. We lived in different cities and met on the Internet. One day, he gave me the line "I haven't met you but I still miss you", and from that, I made this song that I played for him when we finally met.

My Home is very old. I wrote it when I was in school studying music. One day, the teacher gave us the assignment to write a song based on a musical term that meant "sad", and this is what came out.

Better Than This is the only song from Vadsø that was somewhat finished. Though it ended up very differently from what I had in mind when I made it, I had been thinking more REM-ish while this is electronica. Oh well.

O Helga Natt is my a cappella version of the Christmas carol. It is my favourite, and I did this version - in very broken Swedish - for a friend in the States. In return, she did a song for me in even more broken Norwegian.

Newer songs:

Unseen was the first song I recorded on my own computer. The song was written one day when I was tinkering with my guitar, and I just found some chords I liked. It is simple, but I like simple, especially for a song like this.

Invisible was recorded not long after Unseen. It was a rather new song, and I wanted to get it down when I had the chance.

Someone Else was me experimenting with recording two voice tracks. The song was made based on a line of lyrics that popped into my head one day: "I'm drowning in someone else's sorrow".

Street Spirit (Fade Out) was a tough song to record. Not only is the original excellent, but it was also supposed to be a gift to Kristian, who got me into Radiohead. This is definitely different from the original, but it turned out better than I had feared.

Undone was recorded far, far north in Vadsø along with Death Cookie Man. The arrangement is his while I wrote the lyrics and the melody. Electronica is not really me, but it was fun to do. Too bad we never got time to do the guitar track properly - so I'm still awaiting a final version. This is just a raw mix.

Girl in the Closet was recorded in Vadsø as well, but this song is much more me. I had written the song as well as arranged it, although the recording is far from done. We had guitar problems, and so we had to record some provisional guitar tracks just to get something done. The guitar should be far more aggressive and fuzzy, and parts of the vocals have been re-recorded after this raw mix was made.

Other and older songs:

Hole fell into my head one summer day when I was working as a handyman at a school. It was the first rock song I wrote, and I was very pleased with it. Now, I think the sound is a little too heavy-ish, but it's still not too bad. The recording is actually not that bad, it was done in studio with the band Wired along with two other songs.

See the Sun was actually written at school. I studied music for two years, and I made the original bass riff and the vocals one day there. This song is probably the most special piece I've made that has been recorded. The recording was done as a school assignment, but unfortunately, the equipment as school was far from optimal. So the voice recording would have been a little better with a compressor and with better equalizers and some effects.

The internet is a nice place to meet people. Ent is from Bergen and he makes music as well, and he sent me an instrumental track called Silent Inferno. I wrote lyrics and made vocals for the song. This is a demo of how the lyrics will go. The song will be recorded better later - maybe.